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posted this on May 10, 2011 13:54


Promotional Codes are a great way to earn gems or prizes while learning about what's new in Jamaa. While codes can be found in lots of different places, the best place to find the most recent code is by keeping an eye on The Daily Explorer blog. On top of finding out about new codes, you can also learn about new contests, pets, and more!

Whenever you find a super special code, you can enter that code while signing into Animal Jam, which can magically grant you access to more gems or a cool new item. With these gems, you can purchase even more of your favorite items in Jamaa! 

To enter a code, follow the steps below:

  • Under the Player Login section, you can enter your username, password, and a special code. Be sure to check the box that says "I have a Code to Enter!"

  • Once you successfully log in and enter Jamaa, you'll see a present. Click on that present to open it, and your gems or gift will automatically be added to your account. You should be able to see and use your gift right away!

But, remember, codes can only be used once. NEVER give out any personal information, including your password, even if someone just wants to “put a code on your account!” You wouldn’t trust a stranger with your toys, why trust them with your Animal Jam account?

Do you need more gems to get your favorite animals and items in Animal Jam? Get the exclusive, downloadable Gem Bonus gift certificate! Available exclusively at our Animal Jam Outfitters Shop!

To find out more and purchase extra gems, please visit


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