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Control Emails from Animal Jam

Animal Jam HQ
posted this on May 11, 2011 14:12

You can control email notifications from Animal Jam and National Geographic by signing into your Parent Dashboard at  On the right side of your screen, click "Account Settings":

Then click on the Alerts/Communication option:

Check the appropriate Yes/No box:

These steps will stop promotional and informational emails from Animal Jam, but it will not stop emails regarding account creation or account disciplinary action.

If a new player account is created using your email address, or if an account has been warned, suspended or banned, Animal Jam will send an email to notify you.

There is no way to turn off these types of notices at this time.

Forgot your parent password? Not a problem! Click on the “Forgot Your Password” link, follow the onscreen instructions, and a new password will be sent to your email shortly. If you don't see the email after a short while, we recommend checking your spam folder. You can then sign into your Parent Dashboard with this temporary password.

 Once you have logged in, you'll be able to reset your password to a permanent password of your choice by clicking "Change Parent Password" in the lower right corner.

Please be aware that parent passwords are case sensitive.

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