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How to Redeem Your Membership Code

Animal Jam HQ
posted this on November 30, 2011 20:49

To redeem your Gift Card code OR Gift Certificate code, simply visit our redemption page at

The redemption page looks like this:


Once you enter your code and click "DONE," you will see two options for applying the code to an account. You can either enter the username and password of the account you would like to apply the code to, under "Player Account:,"

Or, you can select the "Parent Account" option. After entering your parent email and password, you will be able to choose from any of the accounts listed under your parent email address.

Once you click "Continue," you will be taken to the confirmation page, which will show the details of the code redemption

You will also receive a confirmation email from Animal Jam HQ containing the above details for your records.

Please note that codes can only be redeemed once.

You are now ready to log in and enjoy your new gifts and capabilities! Don't forget to Play Wild!


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