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Plaques from AJHQ

Animal Jam HQ
posted this on August 10, 2012 14:55

We are happy to award various plaques to show our appreciation to Jammers who have shown that they are Super Citizens of Jamaa!

This is the plaque you'll receive if your art work is featured in Jammer Central.


Did your howl make it on Jammer Central? You're getting this plaque!

If you submit a question to Brady Barr or Thierney Thys and they answer it, you'll receive the coveted video plaque!

You'll get this plaque if you are made a member of the AJ News Crew!

Did you ace the online safety quiz in Jamaa? You get to sport this plaque:

This is the plaque you get for winning a Jammer Snaps contest:

 Thanks for your dedication to Jamaa, Jammer. We hope you sport your plaque with pride!


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