Animal Jam Support

Our Safe Chat Options

Because we strive to make Animal Jam a fun, educational, and SAFE place for all Jammers, parents are given control over their child's player account settings, which includes various chat options. These settings can be changed  through your Parent Dashboard.


We're happy to let you know that no matter which chat option you choose for your child, ALL chat goes through our state-of-the-art safety filter system. Because of this, if a player attempts to type anything inappropriate into the game, chances are good it will be intercepted by our chat filter.


In addition to our chat filter, we have a team of highly trained Moderators that review chat activity going on in game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we see a player who is attempting to break our Animal Jam rules, we take appropriate action on their account. We believe in partnering with parents for children’s online safety, so when we identify situations where we believe parents may wish to be informed, we immediately send you an email.



Because Animal Jam remains committed to the safety of our users, all new accounts are defaulted to Restricted Chat. This type of chat allows your child the ability to type words from a limited dictionary, hand-picked by our staff. Restricted Chat is a safe yet engaging way for players to practice their typing skills, and it works much like the predictive text function on your phone. Players will be able to use the type box, but only words that have been pre-approved in our dictionary will be presented to the typist, and seen in the game.


Players with Club Memberships can have more chat freedom by enabling Safe Chat. Safe Chat allows players to type to one another without the restrictions of Restricted Chat, but still employs our safety filter. Of course, this chat is moderated as well to ensure everyone's safety. Safe Chat requires parental verification. For information on how to verify parental consent, click here.


We also offer Bubble Chat for those parents that prefer completely restricted functionality. With Bubble Chat, your child is only able to select from a pre-approved list of phrases and emotes.

To learn how to change the chat setting on your child's account, please click here.