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Gift Cards: What We Offer and Where to Find Them

Animal Jam Gift Cards award either 3 months of membership (plus 10 Diamonds and 6,000 Gems), or 6 months of membership (plus 25 Diamonds and 9,000 Gems). With the membership, you’ll get access to member-only animals, awesome accessories, epic dens, pets, and more! Click here to learn even more benefits of purchasing a membership.

Keep in mind, gift cards no longer grant a specific animal, but instead grant Diamonds. You can use the Diamonds granted to purchase the previously exclusive animal of your choice, plus many more, in the Diamond Shop.

You can find out where to purchase our gift cards by clicking here and using the drop down menu for your location. Or, read below.

6 Month Gift Card

You can find the 6 Month gift card, which awards 25 Diamonds and 9,000 Gems, at select Target locations in the US.

3 Month Gift Card

You can find the 3 Month gift card, which awards 10 Diamonds and 6,000 Gems, at the following retailers:

Rite Aid


Winn Dixie


Select Target locations in the US.

Select Walmart locations in the US and Canada:

  • You have the option of purchasing the gift card online at, and Walmart will email the gift card code directly to you.

Gift Cards found at the following locations also come with the option of a National Geographic Kids Magazine 6-month subscription in place of the Diamond allotment:

Select Toys-R-Us locations.

Select Safeway locations, and their partner stores: Dominick's, Genuardi's, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Giant Eagle, Von's and Pavillion. 

Select GameStop and Woolworth's locations in Australia and New Zealand.

You'll be happy to hear that Animal Jam gift cards NEVER expire!

Click here to learn how to redeem your gift card.

Have fun, be safe, and we look forward to seeing you in Jamaa very soon!