Animal Jam Support

Features for Jammers Without Club Memberships

We understand it can be frustrating to see players with Club Memberships get special abilities or items in Animal Jam.

The money that members pay not only helps us keep Animal Jam going, but also makes it possible for us to keep adding cool new things to Jamaa, for EVERYONE to enjoy! Members have some exclusive permissions, including: receiving gifts via Jam-A-Grams, the ability to purchase items in various colors, and the ability to access the member-only items in our shops. This is simply our way of thanking them for their contributions.

Remember, as a non-member, you can do all of the following (and more)!:

  • Use the trading tool to trade with your buddies
  • Read awesome facts about plants, animals, and the natural world around you!
  • Go anywhere in Jamaa you want, including the ocean lands
  • Find all the items in your Journey Book and receive a gift after you fill in each page
  • Help Dr. Brady Barr complete exciting adventures in Brady's Expeditions
  • You can play almost any game and earn gems!     
  • Watch all our videos, including Geckos!
  • Safely chat to make buddies, and play buddy games
  • Attend all Jamaaliday events
  • Host your own parties in your den
  • Submit your artwork and howls to Jammer Central
  • Dress up your animals
  • Decorate your dens
  • Earn gems and diamonds from the Daily Spin
  • Adopt a pet!

We are constantly working hard to make Jamaa an even more fun, exciting, and safe place for all Jammers.