Animal Jam Support


Are you ready to start your Adventures with the Alphas?

Phantoms have escaped and are causing havoc in Jamaa, and we need ALL Jammers help to contain them!  Will you step up and start training to learn how to defeat these mischievous Phantoms?

You can begin your Adventure by clicking on the party hat on the top of your screen , from the World Map, or finding the door to Adventures in the Lost Temple of Zios.

This will take you to Adventure Base Camp.  Step into the green portal labeled Training Grounds.             


There, you will be met by Liza.  Be sure to pay attention to everything she says!  This will help you be the best Phantom fighter you can be!


When you have finished your training, find the portal called Return of the Phantoms.  This is where your wild Adventure begins!  We believe in you, Jammer!


You have the option to Join an Adventure or Host an Adventure.


If you click Host an Adventure, an invite will follow you wherever you go in Jamaa, so that players from anywhere in the world can join you. When you have enough players or are ready to play, hit PLAY.


Once you have mastered each level, try them in HARD MODE.  This mode features more phantoms to defeat, which means more rewards!


Jammers with Club Memberships are able to sport how many levels they have achieved by going into their badge dashboard, and choosing Adventure Level ON.


  • Every animal you own has their own Adventure.  This means that if you started with a Fox, but now want to play with an Arctic Wolf, your Adventure will start over.

  • Be sure to play with your fellow Jammers!  Those pesky Phantoms can't stand up to the power of teamwork.

  • Utilize the map on the bottom right corner to keep track of where you've already been.
  • If you get caught under the spell of a Phantom, they will deplete your hearts. When your hearts are depleted, you will need to rest.  But don't worry, your hearts will be fully restored when you awake, and you can try again from the last checkpoint.                                                                              


  • The number by your animal name shows how many levels you have completed.

  • We recommend playing with all of your animals, but playing with a certain animal on certain levels might be even better.  Can you discover why?

  • Keep in mind that Phantoms are generally guarding what you are trying to find. So be brave, Jammer!

Jammers, we need your feedback! Find the purple question mark icon  at the Adventure Base Camp and let us know what you think!  The feedback we get from our Jammers is crucial to the future of Adventures!