Animal Jam Support

Do You See a Player Breaking the Animal Jam Rules?

How to Report a Player to AJHQ

If you see another Jammer being mean, inappropriate, or breaking the Animal Jam rules, simply click on the animal's name.  Then, when their player card pops up, click on the REPORT PLAYER button that looks like police badge: 

Choose the appropriate reason, then click REPORT. You will also have the option to BLOCK the player at this time. Once this player has been reported, a moderator will look into their chat activity, and take appropriate action as soon as possible.  Remember to trust your instincts and report any Jammer that is being mean, inappropriate, or are breaking the Animal Jam Rules.

How to Block a Player

Sometimes you have reported this player and they continue to be mean or break the Animal Jam rules.  Did you know there's a tool you can use so you NEVER see what they say again?  Simply click on their animal's name, then click the button that looks like an animal with a red circle and bar going across it to BLOCK that Jammer:


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