Animal Jam Support

Changing Your Username

We understand that choosing the right username is important, as it's an expression of your personality! Because of this, we would be happy to change your username for you, but please be aware that we will only be able to change it one time. So, take your time and make sure you pick a username you'll be happy with for a long time.

In order to change your username, simply send an email to with the following information:

  • Old username
  • Parent email associated with your account
  • Four unique choices for your NEW username. Be sure to follow the helpful tips and guidelines below before picking your new username.
  • If you have successfully purchased an Animal Jam Club Membership for this account, we will require the Animal Jam Transaction ID issued upon purchase, the Transaction ID issued by the particular method of payment used (i.e., PayPal issues a separate Transaction ID), OR the gift certificate code used to enact membership. We will also require the full name and billing address entered upon purchase.

If you do not have this information available, please email to find out other ways to provide account verification.

Tips and Guidelines for Creating a Username

  • Special characters are not allowed. This includes characters such as $-*!%_@&<?.
  • Spaces are not allowed.
  • If someone else has already chosen the name you want, you won't be able to use it. You can try adding numbers to the end of the username you want, just be sure it's something you'll be able to remember!
  • For your safety, we don't allow any personally identifiable information, such as names, addresses or phone numbers.
  • First and last names are not allowed, even if it's the name of your favorite celebrity.
  • Absolutely no vulgarity is allowed.

Because we care deeply about keeping Animal Jam a fun, safe, and welcoming place for all Jammers, we reserve the right to change any username if we find that it breaks our Animal Jam rules. If you'd like to review our rules, click here.