Animal Jam Support

My Settings

When logged in to your Animal Jam player account, you'll notice an icon that looks like a gear located in the top right corner of your screen.

When you click on this icon, your My Settings box will pop up. It gives you quick access to account controls and information.

  • The top bar shows your membership status.
  • World  This is where you can choose which world (server) you'd like to be in.
  • Den  The ability to LOCK and UNLOCK your den.
  • Doorbell  You'll be able to hear a doorbell whenever another player enters your den, whether you are in your den or not!
  • Sound  The ability to turn the sound ON or OFF. If this is off, you will not be able to hear your doorbell.
  • Cursor  What would you like your mouse arrow to look like while you play Animal Jam?
  • Buddy Requests  The ability to turn buddy requests ON or OFF
    • Buddy Requests - On: Other Jammers will be able to send you buddy requests, and you will be able to send them to other Jammers. You will be given the choice of whether or not you want to add the other Jammer every time!
    • Buddy Requests - Off: No one can send you a buddy request, and you can't send requests to anyone else.
  • Game Invites  The ability to turn game invite requests ON or OFF
    • Game Invites - On: You can invite other Jammers to play games with you, and they can invite you to play, too!
    • Game Invites - Off: No one can invite you to play games, and you can't invite others to play games either.

Account preferences are just one click away!