What is a safe password?

While enabling 2-Step Verification is the best way to protect your Animal Jam account, having a strong password is a close second.

Here are some important tips on creating the safest password possible:

  • Use a minimum of 12 characters
  • Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters
  • Use random numbers (not your age, birthdate, etc.)
  • Use special characters like &^$#
  • Do not using dictionary words with their normal spelling (try "fone" instead of "phone")
  • Use sporadic spacing throughout your password

There are many online sites that can advise you on the strength of your chosen password. Ask a parent to visit one with you to test the strength of your current Animal Jam password! Such websites can provide you an estimate of how fast a computer program could guess your password:

Be sure to change your password regularly, and encourage your parent to do the same with their Parent Dashboard login.


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