How do I trade items?

Trading is a way for Jammers to exchange their items and pets for other items, many Jammers use trading as a way to get items that are no longer in stores.


- Tap a user, then choose "View Player Card"
- While viewing a Jammer's Player Card, tap on the icon that has two spinning arrows.


- You can select for chat to be enabled in that specific trade session too.

- Choose any items you would like to trade for by tapping on them and then click 'Start Trade'


- You can add an item by clicking on the green plus button in the corner of your trade box.

- Pick the items you have that you would be willing to trade and follow the prompts.

-When reviewing your trade in the final confirmation screen, make sure you're aware of all the items being traded and what you're trading for.


Please make sure that you should only offer and trade items that you are willing to part with. AJHQ will be unable to provide item replacements if you trade your item away.



-You can add items to your trade list by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like two spinning arrows and picking the items that you want to offer.


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