What's New? Animal Jam's December Update!

Jamaalidays is here!

Artwork 102.png

Snowflake Red Pandas have come to Jamaa, with Pet Seals and the new Clockwork Confectionary den. Including new accessories, bundles and more magical surprises to come, explore the latest and greatest updates coming soon to Animal Jam!


Artwork 150.pngSNOWFLAKE RED PANDAS have arrived in Jamaa with the exclusive Sparkling Candy Cane outfit!


Artwork 367.png  Adopt a PET SEAL!      


20231122_ December icons_Den icon (1).png You're in for a treat with this new spectacularly sweet CLOCKWORK CONFECTIONARY den!  

  Sapphire.png           Pick up new SAPPHIRE BUNDLES and returning sets!



shop     Check out all the new ITEMS and ACCESSORIES!



Play Animal Jam for free throughout October - available for desktop and mobile devices on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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