A guide to Wishing Coins and Pet Unicorns

Where do I get Wishing Coins?

You can buy Wishing Coins from the Premium Shop by clicking on the sapphire icon on the top right of the screen. Alternatively, you can buy Wishing Coins by:

  1. Visiting the well in Crystallis
  2. Wishing for a Pet Unicorn
  3. And then going to the Premium Shop there

You'll get the option to buy Wishing Coins at the Premium Shop if you don't have any.

Wish Token.pngWish Token x5.pngpremium shop.png

How do I use Wishing Coins?
You can use the Wishing Coins in the wishing well located in Crystallis in the Lost Temple of Zios.


What is Crystallis and where is it located?
Crystallis is a crystal cave, which was revealed after the Lightside/Darkside battle, where wishes can come true! This mystical area is located under the statue of Zios in the Lost Temple Of Zios.


How do I find the Wishing Well?
The wishing well is located in the top right of Crystallis.

wishing well.png

How do Wishing Coins work?

Each wish uses between 1-5 wishing coins, the more specific features you wish for, the more wishing coins it will cost. One Wishing Coin will give you one random unicorn. Multiple Wishing Coins could be used for one unicorn but with more desirable features and colors. The number of Wishing Coins you have used during customization will be displayed on the screen before you checkout.



Can I grow up my fantasy pet without using a Wishing Coin?
Yes! Level 5 fantasy pets can be grown up for free. You can level up your fantasy pet by using the Pet Sitter Pro or Pet Station. However, one Wishing Coin can also be used to grow up your fantasy pet.

Auto Pet Nurturing Station.pngPet Station.png


Is it possible to change the color of my fantasy pet, even after I grow them up?
You will not be able to change the colors or any features on your fantasy pet, even after growing them up. However, you can still accessorize it with your inventory items!


Is there a legendary pet unicorn and how do I get one?
Pet unicorns can be rare or legendary - this can only happen randomly by chance. Even if you use a lot of Wishing Coins, this will not guarantee obtaining a rare or legendary unicorn. Rare and legendary unicorns can have special features or effects on them or even unique color effects too.

rare uni.png

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