Protect yourself from scams!

Follow these guidelines to keep your items safe while trading!

Don’t be fooled by things like the following:

- “My trade button is broken or not working like it’s supposed to.”

- “My trade button is glitched.”

- “If you give me your item, then I’ll give you a different/better item or more items.”

- “If you give me your rare item, I’ll purchase a membership for you.”

- “My computer/game is lagging, so just gift it to me, and I’ll give it to you later.”

- “Keep trading me and you’ll have a chance to get more or better items.”

- “Can I try that on? I’ll give it right back.”

Don't fall for these tricks!

- Attending free giveaways.

- Trust Trades.

- Offers to decline a trade when you use the trade system.

- Offers to only accept the “best trades.”

Please remember to only accept trades if you see the item in the Trade Window.

Always log out of your account and clear it from the device when you are done playing!

We will not be able to return any items. If a trade seems too good to be true then it is!

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