Animal Jam Help Center

Important Information about the Steam Closed Beta Test for Play Wild

- This test is for Play Wild Only, not Animal Jam on

- You must have an active account on Play Wild. Your Play Wild account cannot be a ‘Guest Jammer’ account; you will be required to have an approved Play Wild username.

- You must meet the requirements to be a Steam Subscriber per Steam’s terms of service. Note that Steam subscribers may not be under the age of 13.

- You must have an existing and verified Steam Account.

- You must be able to play Steam on a PC. This will not be available for Mac, Linux or other mobile devices and emulators.

- Players that are selected for the Closed Beta Test will receive a Steam Key through Jam-a-grams, inside Play Wild. Those Keys will be used in the Steam App to participate in the Closed Beta Test.

- If you are selected for the Closed Beta Test, we ask that you play a minimum of two hours total during the test period and be willing to submit feedback to us. We want to hear both what you liked in addition to what issues you may have encountered. All feedback is useful to us and will help us assess the potential for Play Wild on Steam.

- Please be aware that this is a closed test on the Steam platform and there may be bugs, glitches, display issues, performance issues and any other unforeseen issues. These bugs and issues may not be fixed in a quick manner, during the test period.

If you are interested in helping us in a Closed Beta test of Play Wild on Steam, please follow this link to the sign up form: Play Wild Steam Closed Beta Form