What are Potions and how do I get them?

Potions are an awesome new feature that became available with the release of the Phantom Portal and Phantom Shop.

There are a ton of potions and each has their own unique ability. You can find potions in the Phantom Shop or from certain Phantom Bosses in the Phantom Dimension. Make sure to try each of them out to see what they do! Currently there are 3 different categories for potions: Personal, Area, and Den.

Personal Potions such as the Shrink Potion or Glow Potion change the way your avatar looks or acts for a limited amount of time.

Area Potions like the Super Sapphire Potion do something special for everyone in the current area.

Den Potions like the Den Snow Potion do create special effects in your current den.

To use a Potion:

Click your avatar icon at the bottom-left of your screen. Then click the little potion bottle and pick the potion you want to use.

Keep in mind that all potions only last for a limited amount of time and will run out eventually. You can see what potions you have active on the right side of your screen.

To cancel a Potion: 

Simply click the potion icon potions3.PNGon your screen and then tap the little trashcan next to it. Please note that if you cancel a potion you will not get it back.

Things to Remember!

- You will be unavailable to activate other potions if you currently have the Play As Your Pet potion active.

- Potions cannot be traded or placed in your den!

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