This is a list of BUGS and ISSUES that our team is aware of and working on, as of 8/13/2022.

If you are experiencing one of the below bugs, please try the listed workarounds (if any) and have patience as our team works to find a fix for these errors.


Recently Fixed

Thanks to your reports, these bugs have recently been resolved by our team. Be sure to go and try again should it have been causing you issues in the past:

  • Non-bug: The Pet Archosaur run is a challenging one; Jammers won't win every time! It takes practice, strategy, and a bit of luck to get all the tree stars. The prizes are worth the effort though!
  • Non-bug: Remember, using the canons in Mesoterra is ONLY possible when there is an active wave of Phantoms attacking. You can be an avatar or a pet dinosaur, and you don't need Paintseeds or a Paintseed Launcher to participate.
    • Pterosaurs can sometimes block Paintseeds from hitting the Phantoms, be sure not to fly in the way of the cannons! 
  • Resolved: The Phantom Boss has returned to the final wave in Mesoterra!
  • Resolved: Alpha Ghost Dragon Wings have returned to their intended colors!

World Bugs

  • What is a SUPER BOX? How do I get one? Why doesn't it work on my device?

    • The Super Box is an item for sale in the Sapphire Shop that arrived with the August update!

    • Learn more about it by reading this article: What is a Super Box?

    • In some foreign currencies the Super Box shows a price of 0. Be sure to confirm the spend amount on your platform's purchase confirmation screen before buying.

  • I fell off of Mt. Shiveer while fighting the Phantoms!
    • The ice is a bit slippery in Mt. Shiveer, and a few Jammers have slipped into the waters below.
    • The Alphas will work to secure the boundaries of Mt. Shiveer so no one is able to fall off.
  • There are items I can't reach in my Pack Run!
    • Sometimes the items we collect in Pack Runs can get a little over-enthusiastic, and hide in places players can't reach.
    • Our developers are looking into the issue to find a solution!
    • In the meantime, don't worry too much - there are more than the necessary amount of collectible items in the Pack Run, so you can still get a perfect score for your Pack.

Account & Avatar Errors

  • My Prize Redemption window pops up before the daily spin!
    • The Prize Redemption window is so excited to show you the prize it has for you it is appearing a bit early!
    • Clicking the button early won't grant an additional prize, just be patient as you do your Daily Spin first, the Prize Redemption window will be there when you're done.
  • I can't chat after ______!
    • Jammers are reporting losing their voice after various activities. This appears to be a short-term side effect of Phantom meddling with Jammer technology.
    • Liza is working hard to craft a remedy that will get rid of that pesky side effect. In the meantime, you can get your voice back simply by reloading your game application!
  • My Level reset to level 1!?
    • This is just a temporary, visual glitch (your account is still at the right level, it just currently appears to be at level 1).
    • If your level hasn't gone back to its original level within 24 hours, please submit a ticket.
  • My buddies see me wearing the wrong items!
    • Sometimes your buddies can see you wearing different items than you see yourself wearing. This is typically due to a slow internet connection, which mistakenly allows your avatar to wear multiples of each clothing item type.
    • In order to rectify your outfit, first click the clear outfit button (broom icon), close the avatar editor, and then close and reopen the app (repeat this as many times as necessary until your avatar is no longer wearing any items).
    • Make sure your internet connection is strong, and then add your clothing back onto your avatar piece by piece. Be sure to delete any old outfit saves that may have duplicate items!
  • When I go to make a Masterpiece, it keeps telling me that Masterpieces are disabled on my account.
    • This issue tends to occur after using the Brush tool for heavily detailed artwork. Try making the top-left corner of your Masterpiece one solid color. That usually fixes the issue!
    • Sometimes the error message also appears as "Something went wrong. Please try again later."
  • I can't add items to my My Shop!

    • Sometimes the My Shop system can get stuck when players try to both remove and add items to their My Shop in the same session. Try closing the window and reopening it to resolve the issue!

    • The devs are working on a solution that allows players to add and remove items from their My Shops in whatever order they like

Pet Troubles

  • The Pet Lighthouse item is only interacting with some of my pets!
    • The Pet Lighthouse is intended to be played with by all pets, but some haven't learned how quite yet. The developers will be hard at work teaching each pet how to play with the lighthouse.
  • I didn't get all my Pack Expedition rewards!
    • This occurs most often when one of your account inventories are full (it could be furniture, clothing, pets, etc). Make sure you have plenty of room in all your inventories!
    • While the Pack Expedition will ask you to recycle items, it doesn't know how many expeditions you went on, so it may not ask you to recycle enough items to make space. Don't worry, your prizes aren't lost! Just recycle as many items as there are rewards missing, and log into Animal Jam once again. The items should arrive in your inventory soon after!
  • My avatar eyes turn completely black when I stop using a Play as Your Pet potion!
    • Our app developers are on the case to track down the source of this bug, hold tight!
    • In the meantime, try reloading the game application to resolve the issue.
  • My pet won't become a ghost!
    • Jammers are not able to use their Play as Your Pet Potion and Ghost Potion at the same time.
    • Pets are a naturally a bit afraid of the dark, so they're too nervous to become ghosts!
    • AJHQ will calm down the pets and see if they can teach them how to use both potions.

Application Issues

  • My screen appears black when I try to enter AR mode!
    • This is an uncommon bug that sometimes happens to players that are new to Animal Jam AR.
    • Check your device settings to ensure that your camera permissions allow Animal Jam to use it.
    • Close the app and reload it again; this should clear up any issues with the screen!
  • I can't report a Masterpiece!
    • A few operating systems are experiencing issues reporting Masterpieces. Our developers are looking for a fix, in the meantime you can utilize any desktop device to perform a report.
  • The "Done" button isn't working when I try to reset my password!
    • The devs are working to get this button up and running. In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket to our support team so they can help reset your password.
  • I keep getting a Critical Error pop-up when I play.
    • This just means that some of your game files didn't fully update when you loaded into an area in the game.
    • Simply click the okay button and log back in.
    • You may need to do this a few times before you can log in again.
    • If you uninstall the game, you will have to do these steps over again.
  • When I try to install the AJ Classic App, it opens the Animal Jam app instead.
    • Use your computer's built-in Uninstaller (in the Control Panel) to uninstall both apps.
    • Delete any old installers, then download and install the app again.
    • If you play both Classic and AJ, make sure you download the Classic app first, and then proceed to download the Animal Jam app.
  • When I load the desktop app, the screen is too small for me to see anything.
    • There is an issue with the files registry saved on your computer.
    • Submit a support ticket and our team will provide you with some steps to fix the issue!
  • Action shortcut keys (Q, E, Z, C, and spacebar) aren't working in Pack Runs!
    • Our team is working on a solution for this, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Visual & Item Glitches

  • My Summer Koi Bond and Watermelon Planter Box are falling into the floor of my den!
    • It seems these items are a bit too heavy for the flooring of some dens, and are falling through!
    • Our developers are on the case fortifying the den flooring to hold the new items' weights.
  • My animal is missing / has an extra Pegasus Gauntlet!
    • It appears that two legged animals got jealous of the four-legged animals wearing more Pegasus Gauntlets, so there has been a mass theft of the front right gauntlet on most animals!
    • The Alphas are working on conflict resolution, and the fourth gauntlet will be returned to four-legged animals soon.
  • The Toadstool Tree is listed as 10,000 Gems in the My Shop Explorer, but not in the sellers' dens!
    • It seems the Toadstool Tree has a dream price that doesn't quite match with reality. Our devs are on the case to get the price to show accurately!
    • In the meantime you will have to visit other players' dens to check the price of their Toadstool Tree.
  • My animated Toadstool Wallpaper / Flooring appears wrong in my den!
    • Some walls and floors in select dens are showing this new animated wallpaper / flooring incorrectly.
    • The developers are aware and looking for a way to sort out how the new animations appear on your den walls and floors!
  • My Starship Boots and Helmet don't fit on my lion!
    • Lions are having some trouble fitting into their astronaut gear, we've sent word to ground control to arrange a re-fitting appointment.
  • I can't place items on the far left bleacher of my Summer Carnival Bigtop den!

    • The far left bleachers are reserved at the moment strictly for seating.

    • Our team is checking if we can get the area re-zoned so players can decorate to their heart's content.
  • My flooring items apply as wallpaper in my Seaside Lighthouse!

    • It seems the high altitude is getting to the lighthouse, their flooring and wallpapers are getting all mixed up!
    • The game developers are on the case to sort out which items go where.
  • My Mastertrack audio doesn't play!
    • Sometimes, if a Player purchases items from your My Shop while you're working on a Mastertrack, the noise they make can interrupt your recording.
    • The devs are working on creating sound proofing for the Mastertracks minigame, but in the meantime you can always lock your den when making Mastertracks.

Automated Accounts

AJHQ has been seeing many automated accounts attempting to crash our servers. These accounts are made by a few people that are determined to ruin other players’ fun. You may have noticed these repetitive accounts in the game and end up worrying; can the bots hurt my account? The short answer is no, those accounts cannot hurt your account nor its data, though they can be annoying. Following these tips can help keep the automated accounts from bothering you:

  • Follow the guidelines for a safe and secure password.

  • Disable your buddies, trading, and messaging (or limiting them to buddies only) to stop bots from pestering you, but it is not necessary to keep your account safe.

  • Report any suspicious in-game activity through the standard reporting features on other accounts’ player cards.

  • Continue to have fun and enjoy your regular play time.

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