This is a list of BUGS and ISSUES that our team is aware of as of 9/22/2020.

If you see your bug on this list, rest assured that you do not need to report it because our team is already working on it!

Keep in mind that some bugs may take longer than others to fix and may not be implemented until our next update.

  • "Only part of my Masterblock is showing!"
    • Our team is aware and working on a solution.
  • "I made a Masterblock, but I never got the Box in my inventory and it took my sapphires!"
    • Our team has already resolved this issue. Any users affected by this should receive their sapphires when they log in if they haven't already..
  • "I can't find some of my items when I search for them!"
    • The only way an item can be removed from an account is if it is recycled, traded, or sold in a MyShop.
    • When checking your inventory for items, make sure you are either spelling the names correctly in the Search field or you are leaving the Search field empty. It doesn't auto-clear so you'll want to make sure your last search isn't messing up your search.
  • "I can't watch Ads on my iPhone/iPad/Apple device!"
    • The ad chest is no longer available due to changing publishing requirements under Apple for iOS users. This isn't a bug, but rather a change we were required to make. We understand you miss it, we miss it too!
  • "Every time I try to log into the Desktop app, it says my account doesn't exist but I know my account exists!"
    • This is just an issue with your Password. Simply reset your password and you should be good to go!
  • "I see -1 when I chat!"
    • This is an issue with the game files on your device. You can fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. BUT REMEMBER, if you do that you will lose any saved Masterpieces you are working on that have not been approved by AJHQ and any "Guest Accounts". So be sure to submit that artwork and register your guest account.
  • "I can't click the OKAY button when I request to join a pack."
    • Don't worry, your request was sent to the Pack Leader. Our team is working on a fix for that pesky button.
  • "When I load the desktop app, the screen is too small for me to see anything."
    • There is an issue with the files registry. Submit a support ticket and our team will provide you with some steps to fix the issue!
  • "When I try to buy sapphires, I get an error saying I can't buy a membership."
    • Our team is aware and working on a solution for this.
  • "I keep getting a Critical Error pop-up when I play."
    • This just means that some of your game files didn't fully update when you loaded into an area in the game. Simply click the okay button and log back in. You may need to do this a few times before you can log in again. If you uninstall the game, you will have to do these steps over again.
  • "My pet doesn't keep it's outfit when I place it in my den."
    • This is a known display issue for pets when they are placed in dens. Don't worry, your pet still has the items, they just aren't showing in the den.
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