This is a list of BUGS and ISSUES that our team is aware of as of 10/13/2021.


The phantoms have been trying to carry away the Ecoshop occasionally in our recent update.  We are working on ensuring it stays put.

Auto emails for password resets are not being received correctly by some Microsoft email account holders (Live, Outlook, Hotmail). We are currently in a cumbersome process of Microsoft reviewing the viability of our emails.  In the meantime, if you have requested a registration/activation email, parent password reset, or player password reset and not received it, please do not submit another request. Instead go to the bottom of this article and provide the email you're trying to have something sent to, what type of email you're trying to receive, as well as the username of your account. We will be with you as soon as possible. There is currently up to a week wait time, so submitting additional tickets will not reduce your wait time but rather increase it to receive help. WE apologize for this issue.

AJHQ has been seeing many automated accounts attempting to crash our servers. Such accounts are made by just a few people that are determined to ruin other players’ fun. You may have noticed these repetitive accounts in the game and end up worrying; can the bots hurt my account? The short answer is no, those accounts cannot hurt your account data, though they can be annoying. Following these tips can help keep the automated accounts from bothering you:
  • Follow the guidelines for a safe and secure password.
  • Disabling your buddies, trading, and messaging (or limiting them to buddies only) will stop bots from pestering you, but it is not necessary to keep your account safe.
  • Report any suspicious in-game activity through the standard reporting features on other accounts’ player cards.
  • Continue to have fun and enjoy your regular play time.


  • My Level reset to level 1!
    • Most of the time this is just a graphical issue, if your level hasn't updated back to its original level within 24 hours, please contact us.
  • I can't find the pet station to purchase
    • The pet station has moved to the sapphire shop in the most recent update.
  • I can't purchase in the sapphire shop/hit phantoms because the chat bubbles/nameplates are covering the buttons!
    • Our team is aware and working on a solution for this
  • "When I go to make a Masterpiece, it keeps telling me that Masterpieces are disabled on my account."
    • This issue tends to occur after using the Brush tool for heavily detailed artwork.
    • Try making the top-left corner of your Masterpiece one solid color. That usually fixes the issue.
  • "When I try to install the AJ Classic App, it opens the Animal Jam app instead."
    • Use your computer's built-in Uninstaller (in the Control Panel) to uninstall both apps. Delete any old installers, then download and install the app again.
    • If you play both Classic and AJ, make sure you download the Classic app first.
  • "I can only accept one reward from my Pet Expeditions."
    • Our team is working on a solution. 
    • For now, you can log out and back in to accept the next one and repeat that until you have received them all.
  • "I see -1 when I chat!"
    • This is an issue with the game files on your device. You can fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. BUT REMEMBER, if you do that you will lose any saved Masterpieces you are working on that have not been approved by AJHQ and any "Guest Accounts". So be sure to submit that artwork and register your guest account.
  • "When I load the desktop app, the screen is too small for me to see anything."
    • There is an issue with the files registry. Submit a support ticket and our team will provide you with some steps to fix the issue!
  • "The Up button on my Keyboard isn't using the Emojis or Actions"
    • Our team is working on a solution for this.
  • "I keep getting a Critical Error pop-up when I play."
    • This just means that some of your game files didn't fully update when you loaded into an area in the game. Simply click the okay button and log back in. You may need to do this a few times before you can log in again. If you uninstall the game, you will have to do these steps over again.
  • "My pet doesn't keep it's outfit when I place it in my den."
    • This is a known display issue for pets when they are placed in dens. Don't worry, your pet still has the items, they just aren't showing in the den.
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