What is a Super Box?

The Sapphire Shop has a new secret: the Super Box! For a limited time, enter the new portal in the Sapphire Shop (located next to the Avatar Statue at the shop's center) to find a new box filled with exclusive items that can't be found anywhere else!

Super_Box.png     Super_Box_Portal.png   Super_Box_Sapphires.png

Upon entering, you'll find yourself in a mysterious room located underneath the main Sapphire Shop. In the middle, you'll find a giant box that's bursting with exclusive items! 


And remember it's only available for a LIMITED TIME!

  • Available for purchase on these devices:
    • iOS
    • Steam 
    • Google
    • Amazon 
    • Desktop - under construction, please use another device to purchase the Super Box at this time (PC users can use the Steam application)
  • How often will the items change? 
    • Watch the Jamaa Journal for updates on availability. The golden Super Box is scheduled to be sold throughout the month of June.
  • Will all of the items in the Super Box have a “rare” tag? 
    • Accessories items granted by the Super Box will have “Rare” tags, as these items are only available via the Super Box for a limited time. Pets created from Super Box tokens will not have the rare tag, but will have a signature, solid gold coloration (as well as the Pet Token icon).
  • Can I purchase the Super Box on multiple accounts? 
    • You can purchase a Super Box on any number of your accounts during the time the bundle is active; members and nonmembers alike can purchase the box.
  • Can I purchase a Super Box multiple times on the same account? 
    • Players are able to purchase as many Super Box Bundles as they'd like while the box is available for sale in the Sapphire Shop. Once the active sale period is over however, the Super Box will not be available for additional purchases.
  • Can I get a Golden Reindeer Pet from the Pet Tokens?
    • No, gold Rare Pet Reindeer are not possible to receive with the golden Pet Token. The gold Pet Reindeer is an event-exclusive item marked with a "Rare" tag and cannot be acquired via the golden Super Box Pet Tokens. 

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