How to Trick-or-Treat in Animal Jam

What is Trick-or-Treating?

For Night of the Phantoms, many spooky cauldrons have appeared all over Jamaa... but they're not just any old cauldrons - they are Trick-or-Treat Cauldrons! Jammers can tap on EACH these cauldrons ONCE per day to have a chance of winning a TREAT, with which they are granted a random number of candies. Be careful though, there is also a chance you may get a TRICK: this means a Phantom will come and steal a few of your candies! Don't worry - there will be ways to get your candy back... 


Where can I Trick-or-Treat?

There are 10 areas in which these Trick-or-Treat cauldrons are located:

    • Jamaa Township
    • Jam Mart Clothing
    • Jam Mart Furniture
    • Hot Cocoa Hut
    • Jamaa Exploratorium 
    • Outback Imports
    • Chamber of Knowledge
    • Tierney's Aquarium 
    • Den Depot
    • Ice Cavern

Jammers can Trick-or-Treat by finding these cauldrons and clicking on them; the result is a randomized chance of either a treat or a trick. MEMBERS will get a candy bonus (in addition to the normal one) if they win a treat! Every account can only click each cauldron ONCE per day, so be sure to visit every cauldron every day of October to maximize the candy you collect.



What do I do with my candy?

At the Mira Statue in Jamaa Township players can give their candy to Peck in exchange for cool new items like Blueprints and Crafting Crystals! What will the Alphas do with all that candy? That remains to be seen...


How do I get my candy back?

Good question! You can retrieve all the candy you've lost throughout the month by searching for hidden Phantom candy tables in the Ice Cavern below Mt. Shiveer. Join a squad of your fellow Jammers to reconstruct the Alpha's cannon, while also searching for your missing treats scattered throughout the cavern. Good luck in the fight against the Phantom forces!

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