What are the Animal Jam rules?

In order to make sure we all keep Animal Jam safe and fun, we ask that you follow these simple rules. If we find that you have broken any of our rules, you may be suspended or even banned from playing Animal Jam.

  • Do not ask for or give personal information! This includes your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, social media accounts (including Discord, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc) or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site. 
    • External programs and your personal social media channels such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc should not be discussed in-game 
  • Never share any financial info such as credit or debit card numbers, or unique redemption codes for rewards within Animal Jam
  • Do not play unsafely or inappropriately! Animal Jam does not tolerate activities involving inappropriate relationships or inappropriately themed parties.
  • Use kind words! Animal Jam does not tolerate any inappropriate, bullying, hateful, or bad/explicit language.
  • Do not spam or flood the chat, or attempt to avoid the chat filters.  If the filters are blocking your chat, that should be a signal to take a step back and ask yourself if your conversation is appropriate and safe.
  • Cheaters never prosper! This includes scamming other players for items, not being honest with a trade, and using codes and additional programs to change your Animal Jam experience.
  • Report and log off! If someone makes you feel bad or uncomfortable, you have the right to report them. There are in-game tools to help you block and report troublesome players, and be sure to tell your parent or a trusted grown up. Remember: it is OK to protect yourself!

Additional information about the Animal Jam Rules can be found on the Animal Jam website. Have fun and be safe!

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