How do I add buddies?

- To search for a buddy, tap the Buddies icon at the top of your screen.

- Tap Search for User at the bottom of your Buddies List and add their username.

- When their Player Card pops up, tap the "add buddy" icon and a friend request will be sent to them.

- To add a buddy that is near you in the game, tap their name tag once so it turns orange, then tap again so the player's card appears.

- Tap the "add buddy" icon to add the user as a buddy. You'll get a message that your buddy request was sent.

- To find a buddy while you are both online in the app, tap their name in your buddy list so their player's card appears.

- Tap the "go-to" icon to go to where your buddy is. Once you switch screens, you'll be near your buddy and will be able to see each other.

- To remove a buddy, tap the buddy icon at the top of the screen and tap the username so the player's card appears. Tap the "add buddy" icon with the red x and confirm by tapping the green "remove" option that pops up.

Things to remember:

- Since the games are completely separate, you are not able to view/play along with Jammers who are on Animal Jam Classic.

- You both must be playing on the app.

- You also must have a registered account. Jammers playing as guests cannot add buddies.

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