How do I edit my den?

- While in the game, tap the House icon at the bottom right of the screen.

- While in your den, tap the table icon at the lower right of your screen.

- The edit den screen will appear where you can scroll through your items and drag and place them in your den.

- Using the icons at the top of the screen while in the den edit menu you can recycle extra den items, purchase new den items, lock your den (this allows only buddies to enter your den), switch dens or change or set den music.

- You can add up to 5 pets you have purchased to your den by tapping on the butterfly icon in the edit den menu.

- To switch dens, tap the table icon, then tap the "switch den" icon located at the top right of the screen (the two dens with arrows between them). The next screen will show you which dens you have available and give you the option to add a den, if you wish.

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