How do I buy items?

- There are in-game stores that allow you to purchase avatar and den items. You can find these stores by visiting the different areas in the game.

- You can also click on the "Shopping Bag" icon while editing your avatar or den.

- Visit the Sapphire Shop in Jamaa Township whenever you are looking for avatars, pets, dens, or other premium items.

- You can click on the different areas in the store to open the item list. Some items have a color option that will allow you to cycle the color before you buy it.

- Once ready, click the "Buy" option and confirm your purchase.

- Please note that premium items require Sapphires to purchase.

- For unintended or accidentally purchased item, please note that we're unable to do in-game refunds for these scenarios.

- There are items that need action in order to activate, such as TV's. Try performing an action in front of your item like jumping, dancing, or sitting to see what works!

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