How do I get a Membership in Animal Jam?

There are many different ways to purchase an Animal Jam membership. Your Club Membership unlocks rewards in BOTH Animal Jam and AJ Classic!

- For mobile devices, you can purchase a membership through your device's app store by tapping the Sapphire Icon at the top-right of the screen. Note that recurring memberships purchased through your device's app store must be cancelled through your device's app store.
- For desktop app users, you can purchase a membership through the app by clicking the Sapphire icon at the top right of the screen.
- You can also purchase a membership online at You get an increase in Sapphires if you purchase through the website!
- Membership gift cards are available at retail locations in several countries. Visit for more information.
- Online Membership Gift Certificates are available through Animal Jam Outfitters, Animal Jam's official online shop, at
- If you don't already have membership on your account, you can purchase a membership with Sapphires by clicking the "Settings" icon at the top right of the screen, then clicking "Become a Member." Club memberships purchased with Sapphires do not recur. (edited)

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