How Do I Create and Manage a Pack?

You will need to have Animal Jam Membership to create your own custom Pack. When you're ready to start creating your Pack, click the purple tab (with the shield icon) on the left side of your game view. If you aren't yet sure which Alpha you'd like to ally with, click "Take the Pack Quiz!" to see what Alpha is most like you! Don't worry though, your result doesn't bind you to any Alpha Alliance.


 Click "Create a Pack" to travel to the Alpha Chamber where you can choose which Alpha to form an Allegiance with. You can choose the Alpha who was the result of your quiz, or you can choose the Alpha whose style you like best! Click on each Alpha's statue to learn more about them. Keep in mind that you cannot change your Pack's Alpha Allegiance once it has been created - you will need to leave your current Pack and create a new one to do so.


You'll be prompted to then complete the following steps:

  • Name Your Pack -
    • Be sure to select a unique name that follows the Animal Jam rules and terms of service (do not use any personal information or offensive/inappropriate content in your Pack Name).
    • Your Pack Name will be submitted to our moderators for approval; until the name is approved it will be displayed as "[Your Username]'s Pack."
    • If it does not pass the moderation checks you'll be prompted to choose a new name: if this happens multiple times you may be required to pay Sapphires to change your Pack Name again.
    • You can change your Pack Name later within the Pack Menu setting tab for 15 Sapphires.
  • Create a Pack Crest -
    • Your Pack Crest is unique to your Pack; there can be no other crests quite like it!
    • The Pack Crest icon will appear alongside you and your packmates usernames throughout your adventures in Jamaa.
    • You can change your Pack Crest later for 15 Sapphires.
  • Invite Buddies to Join -
    • After you've finished choosing your Pack Name & Crest, you'll be prompted to invite your buddies to join your Pack. Select the buddies you'd like to invite and then send all the invites out in one fell swoop!
    • You can also click on other players' name tags in-game to pull up their player card, on which you can invite them to join your Pack if they are not yet a part of one.


  • Visit your Pack Hideout -
    • You will be prompted to visit your Pack Hideout for the first time, and will be given a tour of your sweet new digs!
    • Check out this article for a list of the pawsome features you unlock by being part of a Pack.


Being a Pack Owner is an important job; you'll be responsible for taking care of your packmates and making sure everyone is having a good time! Here is some important information to keep in mind while running your Pack:

  • Pack Roles - 
    • Owners: The Jammer that created the Pack! Only Owners can change the Pack Name and the Pack Crest. There can only be one Owner at a time, and players cannot transfer ownership of the Pack to another player. Pack Owners are the only players that can demote other members of the Pack, and also have all the permissions that Pack Leaders have.
    • Leaders: The Pack Member(s) promoted by the Pack Owner to help run the Pack. The Pack Leader(s) can remove Pack Members that they feel should not be in the Pack anymore. They can also send invites and approve join requests in Private Packs, as well as promote new Leaders!
    • Members: Jammers that have chosen (and have been approved) to join the Pack!


  • Public vs. Private Packs -
    • Public: Any Jammer can join a public Pack - they don't need to send a join request or wait for approval from a Pack Owner or Leader(s).
    • Private: Jammers will need to receive an invite to join a private Pack, or they can request to join and wait for approval from a Pack Owner or Leader. If you would like to evaluate each player before they join your Pack, this would be the only way to do so.
    • Your Pack's status (Public or Private) can be toggled in the Pack Settings menu.


  • Removing Members -
    • Owners and Leaders of a Pack can remove non-Owner/Leader players from the Pack.
    • To do so...
      • Open the Pack Menu by clicking the purple tab on the left side of the game screen.
      • Click the Members tab to bring up the list of players in the Pack.
      • Click on the name of the Pack Member you wish to remove.
      • Click "Remove Pack Member."


  • Changing Members' Roles -
    • Owners and Leaders of a Pack can change the roles of other Pack Members (who aren't already an Owner or Leader) to the position of Pack Leader.
    • To do so...
      • Open the Pack Menu by clicking the purple tab on the left side of the game screen.
      • Click the Members tab to bring up the list of players in the Pack.
      • Click on the name of the Pack Member you wish to promote.
      • Click "Promote to Leader."
    • Only Pack Owners can demote Pack Leaders back to their Pack Member role.



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