Pack FAQs

Q. Are Packs available in Animal Jam Classic?

A. No, the Pack feature is only available on the Animal Jam app, not in Animal Jam Classic.


Q. Can I be in more than one Pack at a time?

A. No, a player can only be in one Pack at a time. If you'd like to join a different Pack, you will first need to leave your current Pack. Click here to learn how to join or leave a Pack!


Q. Can I block certain Players from joining my Pack?

A. Yes and no. You cannot block specific Players from joining your Pack, but if you're the Owner of the Pack you can change your Pack to Private such that you have to review and approve any Jammer that wishes to join. Read this article to learn more about how: How do I Create and Manage a Pack?


Q. Can I block another Pack Member?

A. Yes! We know not everyone can always get along at all times. You can block a fellow member, which will hide messages from them in-game and in the Pack Chat (read How Do I Report and Block Another Jammer? for assistance). Their progress and contributions to the Pack will still count towards the Pack Leaderboard even if you block them.


Q. Can I change my Pack's Alpha Allegiance?

A. No, after creating a Pack the Alpha Allegiance cannot be changed. If you wish to be in a Pack under a different Alpha Allegiance, you will have to leave your current pack and create or join a new one.


Q. Do I need a Membership to be in a Pack?

A. Nope, any Jammer can join a Pack! However creating your own Pack is a Members-only feature.


Q. How do I invite my Buddies or other players to a Pack?

A. To invite another player to your Pack, first click on the player's name in-game to open their player card. If they aren't already in a pack, there will be a Pack tab with an option to invite them to join the Pack that you are in. If you don't see that option that means you're part of a private Pack, and the other Jammer will need to request to join the Pack and be approved by a Leader or Owner.


Q. How do I change my Pack Name or Pack Crest?

A. You can change your Pack Name or Pack Crest for 15 Sapphires if you're the Owner of the Pack. To do so, open the Pack Menu by clicking the purple tab on the left side of your game view. Choose the settings tab represented with a cog wheel, and tap the pencil icon next to your Pack Name or Crest. Add a new Name / design a new Crest in the popup that appears, and choose submit. Your Pack Name will display as [Your Username]'s Pack until the Pack Name as been approved by our moderators.


Q. How will I know what a Pack is like?

A. Just hop on in and give it a try! You can join and leave Packs as often as you like. Depending on the Pack, owners and leaders of the Pack might have a set of general rules they display with masterpieces on their trade-lists or in their dens.


Q. What happens if my Membership expires while I am in a Pack?

A. If your Membership expires while you're in a Pack you will remain in the Pack, but will no longer be able to access the Pack Chest feature.


Q. What happens if the Pack Owner leaves or loses their Membership?

A. Don't worry, a Pack will stick around as long as there is at least one other Pack Member. If the Pack Owner leaves the Pack, a Leader will be promoted automatically to become the new Pack Owner. If you don't have a Leader in your Pack, a random Member will be promoted automatically. There can only be one Pack Owner at any given time, and that role cannot be transferred by a player.


Q. Where do I find information about the Pack I'm in?

A. Clicking the Pack tab on the left side of your game display will open up the Pack Chat and Pack Menu. You will see three tabs at the top of this menu: Pack Chat, Member Information, and Settings. For information about your Pack, view the Member Information and Settings tabs.


Q. Why was my Pack name rejected?

A. Packs with a name that violates our Animal Jam naming rules may have their Pack name rejected. You will have one additional chance to choose another Pack Name. Remember that your Pack Name should not include your first and last name, personal information, or rude, mean or inappropriate words/phrases. Further rejections and renames may cost you Sapphires so choose wisely!


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