Reporting Players in Animal Jam


If you witness another Jammer being mean or inappropriate, or breaking any of the Animal Jam Rules, you can report and block them at any time multiple ways and for various reasons.

Player Card:

  • Click a player
  • Choose “view player card”
  • Click Moderator badge to submit report

In A Den:

  • Click the Den name tag in the bottom right corner
  • Click the moderator badge on their player card when it pops up
  • Choose reason - “inappropriate den”

Masterpieces in Den, in Shops, in Trades:

  • Click on the MP to zoom in
  • Click Moderator badge in bottom right to submit report


  • Click on Moderator Badge below JAG
  • Choose “Inappropriate JAG”


  • Click on Masterblock to view
  • Click on "Created by" nametag to open Player Card
  • Close Masterblock
  • Send report via Player Card

Pack Member

  • Open pack sliding menu on left side of the screen
  • Click Pack Members tab
  • Click on name of pack member to open Player Card
  • Report via Player Card

Pack Name

  • Open Pack Info (from pack invite, from available packs, from Pack Run leaderboard)
  • Click Moderator badge to submit report
  • Open player card
  • Click moderator badge
  • Choose "Inappropriate Pack Name" as a report reason
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