What are Pets and how can I get them?

Pets are awesome, smaller animals that can travel around Animal Jam with you. New pets come out each month, and can be adopted with Sapphires at the Sapphire Shop in Jamaa Township or the Claws n' Paws tree in Appondale.

Choose what type of pet you'd like, what their colors & features will be, and then give them a name! You can purchase clothing to dress up your pet in whatever style suits them best. If you place a furniture item they like in your den, you can even watch them play!

Pets don't just follow you around though, you can also grab a pet saddle to give them a ride when their legs get tired. Nurture your pet by bringing them to a Pet Station; if you take care of them enough, they'll level up! You can send your pets on expeditions in Crystal Sands to bring back exclusive items. Even when just adventuring in Jamaa together your pet can sometimes uncover special prizes for you.

Jammers that venture to the Phantom Dimension come back telling tails of the Phantom Salesman, who sells potions that allow you to experience the world from your pet's point of view. What will you discover with your pet?


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