Pack Run FAQs

Q. Can my buddy join my Pack Run?

A. Your buddy can only join your Pack Run (in the Pack Hideout) if they are in the same Pack as you, or if their Pack has the same Alpha Allegiance (in the Alpha Hideout).


Q. How many people can be in a Pack Run?

A. Each Pack Run group can have up to 8 Jammers playing at the same time. The more Jammers that join a Pack Run, the more items there will be available to collect, and the higher your bonus multiplier!


Q. Why can’t I host a new Pack Run?

A. Pack Runs are a pack activity, therefore only one Pack Run lobby can be open at a time. Another Pack Run may be hosted once the current Pack Run group has left for their match. Once the host of the previous Pack Run group has initiated the Run, another player can begin hosting a Pack Run.

If you see another Pack Run lobby open when you are trying to host a Pack Run, you will need to wait for that group to depart before hosting a new one.


Q. Why did my outfit vanish during my Pack Run?

A. In order to keep your outfits clean, they are not taken on Pack Runs. Pack Runs can be messy business! We wouldn't want to wreck that amazing look; when you finish the Run you will be wearing your outfit again.


Q. What is the Pack Leaderboard?

A. The Pack Leaderboard tells you how many points each Pack has earned with Pack Runs. You can view the leaderboard within your Pack Menu (accessed by clicking the purple shield tab on the left side of your screen). Find the navigation tabs at the top of the Pack Menu; the leaderboard is located on the tab with a trophy icon. When you tap this, it displays Packs who have collected the most points!


Q. What are my Pack Run stats?

A. You can visit the leaderboard tab in your Pack Menu to see where your Pack ranks in the monthly and all time leaderboards, as well as see how many points you've contributed to your Pack!


Q. What is the green bar on my screen at the end of a Run?

A. That is your team’s collectible count meter. It displays the amount of items your team has collected during the current Pack Run (as well as how many you'll need to unlock your next piece of armor). It also tells you how many items each player in that Run collected!


Q. How do I earn rewards from a Pack Run?

Rewards (typically a clothing item belonging to an armor set) are earned by gathering certain amounts of collectibles (like Fireflies, Beetles, and Lady Bugs) during a Pack Run. You can see how many collectibles you need to find to get your next reward by checking the Pack Stats on the Pack Runs tab.

When you finish a Pack Run, it shows you how many special collectibles were gathered by your team and how many you still need to unlock the next reward.


Q. Why is my item collection count not combined with my Pack's?

A. Your personal pack run item count will always increase based on the amount of items you have collected after a Run. The Pack total only includes items that were collected by members while they were part of that Pack. If you collected items in a different Pack, they will not be combined to your new Pack’s total.



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