What are Masterpieces?

Get creative with our awesome art creation feature: Masterpieces! Masterpieces are furniture items generated from art created in the Painting mini-game. You can access this mini-game from the Art Studio in Coral Canyons or via the mini-game selection screen (opened by clicking the game controller icon at the upper left edge of your screen).


Within the Painting mini-game you can create a piece of art, then publish it as a Masterpiece for 25 Sapphires! Once your Masterpiece is approved you can place it in your den for display or trade it as you would any other item in Animal Jam.
Learn more about the Art Studio Painting tools selection by reading this article. If you don't finish your artwork in one session, you can save the art to your device to work on later. You can load past saved creations to continue working on them, or to publish Masterpieces of the artwork.

Within your Masterpieces we ask that you don't include any identifying features about yourself including name, age, and location. Our moderators review each Masterpiece before it is visible in game, so make sure you create Masterpieces that abide by Animal Jam Rules & TOS so they will get approved! 


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