What do the Masterpiece buttons do?

When you start creating a Masterpiece in the Painting mini-game, you will see a list of buttons on the left side of the screen. In order from top to bottom, you will see:

- Color Menu: This nifty tool lets you choose fun colors!

- Saved Colors: Below the Color Menu are eight colored blocks. These default at specific colors, but you can store other colors over them by first selecting one and then picking another color from the Color Menu.

- Tool Option: The Tool Option button allows you to choose what tool (brush, paint bucket, spray paint, etc.) you'd like to use when creating your art; try out each one (or all of them!) to see which tools you like using the most.

- Tool Size: The Tool Size button allows you to change the size of your art tool (e.g. use a larger brush). Try using larger and smaller brushes to see what kinds of awesome details you can add to your masterpieces!

- Back: The Back button allows you to undo your most recent change to the Masterpiece. Careful, you can only undo one stroke at any given point.

- Cabinet: The Cabinet button allows you to Save and Load Masterpieces that have not been submitted. There is also the option to Send your Masterpiece to AJHQ!

- Frame: This option finalizes your Masterpiece so that it can be placed in your den or traded! Keep in mind that each Masterpiece costs 25 sapphires and must be approved by AJHQ before it will appear in-game.

Recycle: The recycle button will clear the current Masterpiece and allow you to start with a fresh canvas.

Exit: The red X button at the bottom left allows you to exit the Masterpiece-making activity.


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