How do I use a Masterpiece Token?

To use your Masterpiece Token, first you'll need to paint something! 

Head over to the Art Studio in Coral Canyons. Once there move to the painting easel in the back of the room and click the game controller icon. From there you can enter the Painting mini-game, with which you can create your own custom art piece.

Once you have finished painting and are ready to make it a Masterpiece, click the Frame icon near the bottom left of the screen. Choose your favorite frame and then click the Shop button at the bottom.

NOTE: The shop icon will show the Sapphire cost next to it, even if you have a Masterpiece Token. Your account won't be charged until you confirm the purchase on the next screen.

Clicking the cash register icon will take you to a confirmation screen where you can choose to use Sapphires or a Masterpiece Token to purchase your Masterpiece.

Once your Masterpiece is approved, it will be available in your inventory and can be placed in your Den for all of your friends to see!


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