I can't find my Google Purchase

If you are having problems with a completed Google purchase, in some cases Animal Jam has limited access to assist you. 

If you are trying to purchase a SECOND membership under a new account, your previous membership will have to have fully expired before a membership can be purchased on a new account.  If you would like two memberships under different accounts CONCURRENTLY, you will need to use a second Google Play account.

If you are unable to locate your completed purchase, please provide a screenshot of the purchase receipt to our customer support team, making sure it includes the date of purchase, item purchased, and order ID (this starts with GPA). The username and parent email address will also be needed to assist you.

All refund requests must be handled directly by your devices store.  Animal Jam HQ is unable to issue refunds for in-app purchases directly. Please contact your device store for further assistance.

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