What are Potions and HOW do I get them?

Potions are a powerful class of items in Animal Jam that were discovered with the appearance of the Phantom Portal. The Phantom Portal (sold in the Sapphire Shop) allows Jammers to enter the Phantom Dimension, which holds opportunities to acquire potions.

There are a ton of potions and each has their own unique ability. You can find potions sold in the main Phantom Shop, sold by the Traveling Phantom Salesman, or exchanged for Paintseeds with the Cave Phantom, all of which are located in the Phantom Dimension. Make sure to try each Potion to see what they do! Currently there are 3 different categories for potions: Personal, Area, and Den:

  • Personal Potions such as the Shrink Potion or Glow Potion change the way your avatar looks or acts for a limited amount of time. Other players can see your avatar change too!
  • Area Potions like the Super Sapphire Potion do something special for everyone in the current area.
  • Den Potions like the Den Snow Potion create special effects in your den.


How to Use a Potion

1. Click your avatar icon at the bottom-left of your screen. Then click the potion bottle icon to the right of the other categories.

2. Click the potion you would like to use. Keep in mind that potions that show a time will only last for that long, and their effect will wear off eventually.

3. You will see the potion take effect! If the potion you're using is temporary, you check it's activity status on the right side of your screen. Click the potion icon to check how much time you have left!


How to Deactivate a Potion

1. Done with your current potion? Simply click the potion icon potions3.PNG on right side of your screen to bring up the potion details.

2. Tap the little trashcan next to the potion to remove the potion's effect. Please note that if you cancel a potion you will not get it returned to your inventory; consumable items like potions can only be used once.


Things to Remember

  • You will be unable to activate other potions if you currently have the Play As Your Pet potion active. Pets are allergic to most potions!
  • If you use the Play As Your Pet potion to become a archosaur pet, you will be able to enter the hidden world of Mesoterra!
  • Potions' active times only count down while you are logged in. Don't feel like you have to use your entire potion time right away, you can log out and come back tomorrow to use the rest!
  • Potions cannot be traded or placed in your den, but they can be sold in your den's My Shop.


Available Potions


Personal Potions Icon Effect Source
Become Your Pet Potion Become_Your_Pet_Potion.png Explore Jamaa as your Pet! Phantom Shop
Disco Potion Disco_Potion.png Everywhere you go, a Disco Ball will be spinning above your head! Traveling Phantom Salesman
Ghost Potion Ghost_Potion.png Turn your animal into a ghost! Traveling Phantom Salesman
Glow Potion Glow_Potion.png Make your animal's colors glow! Phantom Shop
Paintseed Launching Potion Paintseed_Launcher_Potion.png Make your current back accessory capable of launching Paintseeds, permanently! Phantom Shop
Rainbow Trail Potion Rainbow_Trail_Potion.png You create a rainbow on the ground wherever you walk! Phantom Shop
Shrink Potion Shrink_Potion.png Shrink yourself to a tiny size! Phantom Shop
Speed Potion Speed_Potion.png Make your animal move faster! Phantom Shop


Den Potions Icon Effect Source
Den Flower Potion Den_Flower_Potion__2_.png Makes pink, cherry-blossom-like flowers fall in your den! Phantom Shop
Den Rain Potion Den_Rain_Potion.png Makes rain fall in your den! Phantom Shop
Den Snow Potion Den_Snow_Potion.png Makes snow fall in your den! Phantom Shop


Area Potions Icon Effect Source
Phantom Howl Potion Phantom_Howl_Potion.png Summons a Phantom to the land that you use the potion. Phantom Shop
Super Sapphire Potion Super_Sapphire_Potion.png Drops a Super Sapphire that grants 3 Sapphires to everyone that clicks it. Traveling Phantom Salesman
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