What is a Guest Jammer?

Guest Jammers are players that have not yet registered their Animal Jam account, and therefore do not yet have a username. Guest Jammers will show up as having silver nametags when playing Animal Jam, while registered players will have gold name tags (or green if the Jammer is your buddy).


  • Guest accounts do have some limitations such as...
    • Limited to using Bubble Chat
    • Cannot add buddies
    • Cannot trade items
    • Cannot send Jam-a-Grams

If a Guest Jammer logs out of the game or deletes the application without creating an account, their guest account is deleted (along with any associated items or data). The Guest Jammer account state allows for players to "test" the app to see if they like it, and if they do, they can create a free account by registering with a parent email address and username. To learn how to do so, please see this article: How to Create and Register an Account

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