Moku'ahi Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the new land of Moku’ahi in Animal Jam?
To get to Moku’ahi simply tap your World Map or hop on the boat at the bottom of Jamaa Township and explore Moku'ahi today.

Can all Jammers go to Moku’ahi?
Yes! Moku’ahi is welcoming to all Jammers who wish to visit!

Why are there only member shops on Moku’ahi?
Unlike other shops located throughout Jamaa, the shops on Moku’ahi specialize in Member only accessories and den items! New Member items arrive throughout the week, so make sure to visit Island Threads and Shoreline Décor often!

What is the Color Coordinator?
A new Member only feature, the Color Coordinator allows Members to reveal color sets that will match the colors of the items you are currently wearing. This new feature allows Members to change the colors of their eyes, their patterns and their animals to create a unique look!

What Do I get with Membership in Animal Jam?
Membership allows you to: create and join Packs, Join in Pack Runs, Obtain weekly Member gifts, Collect Daily Sapphires, as well as access to the new Member-only Color Coordinator and the new Member-only shops in Moku’ahi!

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