What is Masterblocks?

Indulge your creativity and create your own Animal Jam den items with Masterblocks. This feature actually lets you create your own den item using 3D block building. You can place the item in your den, trade it or even sell it in your Den Shop!

Masterblocks can be created in Animal Jam by clicking the Game Controller icon at the top left of your game window and selecting Masterblocks.

You are able to save your Masterblock even if you aren't completely done yet! To do so, simply click on the pencil and paper icon and click "Save".

To load your Masterpiece, click on the file cabinet button and click "Load". You will then be prompted to load your Masterblock draft to continue building.

Make sure when you are creating your Masterblock that you abide by our Animal Jam Rules so it will get approved!

Creation of your final den item will cost Sapphires. Once you are sure you wish to create your den item, complete the process by clicking ‘Create Den Item’. While your Masterblock creation is being reviewed, you will have a Masterblock crate in your inventory indicating the item is being reviewed. Please be patient while AJHQ reviews your Masterblock creation.

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