Masterblocks FAQ

Q. What is Mirroring in Masterblocks?
A. Mirroring allows you to create two blocks at once, on opposite sides of each other. The mirror blocks can be vertical or horizontal. Simple click which direction of mirroring you wish to complete, move the blocks in the desired direction and click the block to create the solid block for your construction.

Q. What is the Box Density Bar in Masterblocks?
A. The Block Density Bar measures the final block size and ratio of your creation.  Only certain blocks can have collision turned on in the final creation. Collision allows you to stack Masterblock creations in your den or allow players to climb on them.

Q. What does ‘Enable Collision’ mean in Masterblocks?
A. If a Masterblock creation has proper density, you can create an invisible wall through ‘Enable Collision’. This wall will allow you to stack your final Masterblock creations in your den and allow other players to climb up on your creation while in your den.

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