Masterblocks FAQs

Q. Are Masterblocks moderated?

A. Yes, all Masterblocks submitted to become den items are sent through a vigorous vetting process by trained moderators at AJHQ. Should a Masterblock not pass these checks, the Sapphires used to purchase it will be returned to the player.

Q. How is the price of my Masterblock determined?

A. If you use more blocks in the creation of your Masterblock, it uses more materials and will cost more Sapphires to build. If you use too many blocks you may reach the cap of how many blocks are permitted in one Masterblock. If this occurs you can always divide your Masterblock into smaller parts and put them together later in your den.

Q. What does the "Mirroring" feature do in Masterblocks?
A. Mirroring allows you to create two blocks at once, opposite of each other on the Masterblock pedestal. The blocks can be mirrored vertical (up & down) or horizontal (left & right). To enable the mirror feature, simply click which direction of mirroring you wish to use and continue building your Masterblock as you normally would.

Q. What is the Box Density Bar for in Masterblocks?
A. The Block Density Bar compares the final number of blocks used to the area your Masterblock covers.  You can reduce your Box Density by removing blocks that aren't visible in the final piece.

Q. What does ‘Enable Collision’ mean in Masterblocks?
If a Masterblock has the proper density, you can create an invisible wall with the ‘Enable Collision’ feature. This will allow your Masterblock to have den items stacked on top of it, to be stacked on other den items, and for players to climb up & interact with your creation. Only certain densities of Masterblock can have collision turned on in the final creation.


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