What are the Masterblock Rules?

We appreciate all kinds of creativity in Masterblocks, however there are a few basic rules in place in order to best protect you and other players.

Please DO NOT make any Masterblocks that contain:  

  • Any letters.
  • Any numbers.
  • Offensive or controversial imagery.
  • Imagery or items not appropriate for children under 13.
  • Shapes resembling bedroom furniture, showers/baths, or guns.
  • Items intended to be mean towards or offensive to other Jammers.

Each Masterblock, when submitted to become a den item, is reviewed by the expert moderators at AJHQ. Moderators can make mistakes though, so if you ever see a Masterblock that you believe doesn't follow the above guidelines, please click on the item and utilize the report feature so our moderators can take a second look at the shape and how it's being used.




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