I need help with an Apple Purchase!

Apple manages all billing information regarding an in-app purchase made through the Apple App Store and iTunes. Due to this, our team does not have the ability to modify or refund in-app purchases made with Apple. We know Apple often will send you back to us as the merchant to help. We are unsure why as we cannot access the transactions to process a refund. We'd suggest you report the charges as unauthorized to Apple asap or even discuss with your financial institution. You will need to contact Apple Support for assistance here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084

Per the technical requirements of Apple in-app purchases, only one Animal Jam account can have a subscription per Apple Account. Once an Apple Account has been used to make a subscription purchase for an Animal Jam account, they are permanently linked. In order to purchase a subscription for another Animal Jam account/family member, you will need to create a new Apple Account in order to do so. This is a limitation with their services and we are not able to modify what account is linked.

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