What Should I know when creating a Masterpiece?

This is a basic listing of our guidelines, but our Moderation team reserves the right to deny masterpieces for any reason. More info on our community conduct guidelines can be found on our Rules page and by visiting our Terms of Service.


📝How are Masterpieces judged?

Every Masterpiece is judged by our team of moderators to ensure it's safe for the artist and the AJ community. A Masterpiece might be rejected for sharing too much personal information, containing unsafe content, or out of an abundance of caution. Our moderators have a lot of information, trends, and memes to keep up with, and unfamiliar content might be rejected in case it's referencing something unsafe.


❓Why might a Masterpiece be rejected?

As a reminder, any Masterpiece may be denied if it contains:

• Personally identifiable information (real names, address/location, personal numbers, usernames on other sites or games, cultural identity information, health information, etc)

• Indecipherable text or unsupported languages

• Dating and relationships (including “shipping”)

• Bullying, bad language, and violence

• Realistic weapons

• Scamming or hacking behaviors

• Images meant to troll, demean, harm, or offend others

• Images relating to subjects that are meant for ages outside our player demographic


Animal Jam is a game played by many people across the globe from diverse backgrounds and cultures; what may be determined as unacceptable by one group of people or culture may be completely acceptable to another. We strive to balance these lines and make Jamaa an enjoyable escape for all.

For example, many Jammers like to emulate fashion and styles of dress that they see in popular media such as cartoons, science fiction, or fantasy shows. And within reason, we have chosen to allow these expressions.

Accordingly, if a Masterpiece is rejected by our Moderation team, it doesn't necessarily mean the image itself was inappropriate. It just means our team determined that it was not suitable to Animal Jam’s demographic.

Some players don't always agree with our decisions to allow certain Masterpieces, and we take their reports into consideration when determining if a Masterpiece is going to be disruptive to our community. Our moderators do their best to make Animal Jam a safe and welcoming place, and sometimes they make mistakes, or make a decision that you may not agree with. Don't let a rejection discourage you from expressing yourself in the future!

If you encounter a Masterpiece in the game that you feel should not have been approved, you can click on the Masterpiece itself to report it. This will immediately forward a copy of the Masterpiece to our Moderation team for additional review.

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