What are Alpha Items?

Wondering what an Alpha item is? How to get one? How to find one? Look no further than this Animal Jam gameplay guide on all things Alpha items.


What is an Alpha Item?

Alpha Items are a class of tradeable items (clothing, furniture, or pets) that each possess a unique number identifier. They display a tag similar to the "Rare" item tag however, it is instead red with text reading "Alpha." While one can have multiples of the same Rare Item, each Alpha Item is uniquely different from the rest due to its identification number.


Alpha Items are also unique in that they are limited: only a specific number of each Alpha Item can be discovered in-game, and once that stock has run out the only way to get that specific Alpha Item is by trading with players that already have one.


How do I obtain Alpha Items?

For Alpha Items that haven't yet been fully discovered, Jammers have the possibility of earning them in a number of ways. This includes (but is not limited to) playing the golden shovels mini game, clicking nocturnal animals or fireflies, opening Pack Run chests, spinning the daily login wheel, sending pets on expeditions, as well as participating in a variety of seasonal events (phantom hunting, etc.).


Alpha Items are low percentage prize drops, meaning they are very uncommon and can be difficult to find. Players can always resort to trading for Alpha Items with other Jammers instead if they would like to acquire Alpha Items more quickly. To find players that may be willing to trade their Alpha Items, stop by the Alpha Board in Kimbara Outback.


What is the Alpha Board?

The Alpha Board is a display that can be found near the center of Kimbara Outback. Open the display by walking close to the board and clicking the icon that pops up. There you can find lists of all Alpha Items released thus far (sorted by item type) and whether any more of them can be discovered in-game. Players that own an Alpha Item can opt-in to displaying their username on the Alpha Board as the owner of their specific item.


New Alpha Items are being released all the time, so stop by the Alpha Board periodically to see the latest releases!

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