Guide to Pet Nurturing

What is Pet Nurturing? 

Pet nurturing is the process in which Jammers can provide care for pets when they are hungry, dirty, sad or sick. Nurturing a pet can be done in a few ways and helps a pet to level up and gain energy - apart from making your pet happy, this can also bring many benefits and opportunities to earn prizes!  


How do I Nurture a Pet?

First, you will need access to a "Pet Station" which can be purchased from the Sapphire Shop for 100 Sapphires and placed in your Den. However, you can also use other Jammers' Pet Stations displayed in their Den to care for your pets too. Once clicking on the Pet Station, your pet will be brought to an area in which you can see four buttons, which have green rings around them. The green rings indicate the status of your pet and whether it needs caring at that moment in time. If the green rings are full, your pet is happy and does not require any care yet. Over time, the rings will begin to empty and so you will need to click on each of the four buttons to nurture and make your pet happy again!


Jammers can also use sapphires in the Pet Station to level up their pets up to level 5! This feature can be found next to your pet's name-tag in the top left corner.


Alternatively, a "Pet Sitter Pro" can be used for quicker pet nurturing across many pets - this is a Member-only Den item available from Moku'ahi for 300 Sapphires. The Pet Sitter Pro is a machine that can care for 5 selected pets at a time; with just the click of the 'Nurture All' button, your pets can be instantly nurtured! Even though the Pet Sitter Pro can only be activated every 8 hours, it still provides Jammers fast and easy nurturing for multiple pets. 


What happens when I Nurture a Pet?

Each time a pet is nurtured, the pet gains experience needed in order to level up, as well as boosting that pet's energy levels - both of these can be seen in the Pet Station, as shown below. Remember that a pet's energy levels can only be as high as its current level! As a pet's level increases, the amount of nurturing required in order to get to the next level increases too. If you equip a certain pet and keep it active as you play, the pet's nurturing rings will decrease more quickly than inactive pets, thus requiring more regular care. This can be a useful if you wish to level up your pets more quickly (higher level pets can earn bigger rewards on expeditions).


Pet Tokens can also be earned through constant pet nurturing. Jammers can use these Pet Tokens to redeem a free random pet!


However, at level 5, level 10 and level 15 a pet can not be levelled up by the Pet Station or Pet Sitter Pro and requires Pet Combining to reach the next level. Pet Combining can be carried out at the Merging Pedestal. This is located at the Lost Temple of Zios, in a room within the Chamber Of Knowledge known as the Hall of Icons. This process requires multiple pets to be combined to level up your main pet. After combining your pet, you can use the Pet Station or Pet Sitter Pro to get to the next combining level. The highest level a Jammer's pet can achieve is level Twenty!


What are the benefits of Pet Nurturing?

Members can find an exclusive feature that enables their levelled pets to go on expeditions, in which prizes can be brought back in return, from Gems or Sapphires to chances of earning rare items. Members can head to Crystal Sands to check out the available expeditions and the levels and energy required for their pet to go on it. Another benefit of Pet Nurturing is being able to combine pets to increase your pet's level even more for access to better expeditions and special effects for your pet.



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