Guide to Pet Expeditions

Members can find an exclusive feature that enables their levelled pets to go on expeditions, in which rewards can be brought back in return from their pet's adventure!


How can my Pet go on an Expedition?

Expeditions are available starting from levelled pets with a minimum level of 3 and energy level of 1, to the more advanced expeditions for higher levelled pets which include better prizes. Members can start an expedition by going to the boat in Crystal Sands and clicking on the Pet Expedition button above it to select the specific Pet Expeditions available and pet you wish to choose.


Each Pet Expedition has different requirements, possible rewards and amounts of time your pet will be away for.


What happens when I send my Pet on an Expedition?

Once selecting your pet, the pet will sail away on a boat to another land and later return with rewards. Remember, it may take up to a few days for your pet to return and during this time your pet can not be equipped or placed in your den. After returning from the expedition, your pet will bring you rewards!


From rewards such as Gems and Sapphires in more simple Pet Expeditions, to even having a chance to receive rare items or Exotic Pet DNA vials in more advanced Pet Expeditions. Exotic Pet DNA Vials can be placed in an DNA Incubator (which can be bought from the Sapphire Shop for 25 Sapphires) to hatch a brand new exotic pet!


Jammers should watch out for event-specific Pet Expeditions, where exclusive time-limited rewards can be earned. Sometimes, there are even expeditions for Jammers themselves to complete as their pets (for example, Mesoterra Outlands as shown above)!


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