Guide to Pet Leveling and Combining

When pets reach levels 5,10 and 15 they cannot be levelled up by Pet Nurturing and require Pet Combining to reach the next Jewel Tier and so continue to level up! There are four different Jewel Tiers: Ruby at level 5, Emerald at level 10, Diamond at level 15 and finally Rainbow at level 20. 


Where can I combine my pets?

Pet Combining can be carried out at the Merging Pedestal. This is located at the Lost Temple of Zios, in a room within the Chamber Of Knowledge known as the Hall of Icons. Within the Hall of Icons, Jammers will find the Merging Pedestal.


How do I combine my pets and get to the next Jewel Tier?

On the largest platform in the middle of the Merging Pedestal, you must place your main pet - remember this main pet must be at the maximum level for the Jewel Tier level you are trying to achieve. For the other four platforms around, four other pets (of the same species as your main pet) must be placed. However, you will loose these 4 other pets when you combine them, so do not use any pets you wish to keep!


  • To make a Ruby Jewel Tiered pet, you must merge 1 level 5 main pet with 4 other pets.
  • To make a Emerald Jewel Tiered pet, you must merge 1 Ruby level 10 main pet with 4 other Ruby pets.
  • To make a Diamond Jewel Tiered pet, you must merge 1 Emerald level 15 main pet with 4 other Emerald pets.
  • To make a Rainbow Jewel Tiered pet, you must merge 1 Diamond level 20 pet with 4 other Diamond pets. Rainbow Jewel Tier is the maximum level and Jewel Tier!

To get your main pet to the next level ready for combining (for the next Jewel Tier), you must nurture this pet with either the Pet Station or Pet Sitter Pro. The higher level these 'other pets' are when merging them, the more of a level boost your main pet will get. This means less Pet Nurturing will be required for your main pet to get to the next level needed for the following Jewel Tier when next combining.


What are the benefits of Pet Combining?

After Pet combining, your pet will have not only reached higher levels and an upgraded Jewel Tier but a new effect! This effect can be turned on/off through your Avatar Customisation screen when editing your pet. After combining to reach Ruby Tier, Jammers will also recieve a Pet Model that can be used in dens to display a pet! Having a Jewel Tiered pet also gives Members the ability to send their pet on more advanced Pet Expeditions with better rewards.



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