How do I teach my Pet to hunt for treasure?

Players may find that when their equipped pet is leveled up to Level 3 or above AND is at full happiness (all of the pet's nurturing rings are full), that accompanying pet can occasionally find treasure all on its own! To find Pet Treasure, Jammers must...

  1. Equip a Level 3 or above pet
  2. Ensure that all the pet's nurturing rings are full
  3. Wait in an area in Jamaa (not a den or a party)

Pet Treasure discoveries are fairly rare, therefore it can take a while for your pet to sense if there is any nearby treasure; remember to be patient! If your pet finds treasure, it will jump in the air with an exclamation emote and you will see a colorful spiral appear beneath your pet. Your prize will then pop-up on the screen - prizes can be anything from Gems or Sapphires to items!


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