Using BlueStacks to Play Animal Jam


What is Bluestacks? Can I use it?

Bluestacks is a computer application that allows people to play Android games locally on their PC (instead of using an Android mobile device). Such programs are often referred to as “emulators.”

Players are permitted to use Bluestacks IF AND ONLY IF they are using the program as a stand in for a single mobile device.


Does using Bluestacks violate Animal Jam’s Terms of Service or Rules?

Utilizing Bluestacks solely as a replacement for a single mobile device does not break Animal Jam’s TOS or rules. HOWEVER there are some features Bluestacks offers that are not permitted under our TOS/rules. If an Animal Jam player decides to use Bluestacks, they are responsible for only using the features that follow our guidelines.

If a player uses unofficial operating systems such as Bluestacks to emulate multiple mobile devices at a time, we reserve the right to ban said player if they use functions of the application that violate our stated terms and rules. This includes, but is not limited to, using such programs to…

  • intimidate and harass other players

  • gain an unfair gameplay advantage over other players

Every player agrees to our Terms of Service and Rules when they create an account, and again when purchasing membership. In several sections we state that use of third-party websites and/or programs to access Animal Jam is not allowed, especially when used to circumvent our systems/policies or cause problems for other players in the game:

  • TOS 5. Tell the Truth and Don't Cheat... Never attempt to use third-party websites, hacking programs, cheat codes, or related methods to hack or circumvent Animal Jam systems or policies. 

  • TOS 8. No Hacking. You agree not to post any content that contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may harm Animal Jam or make it operate poorly, or that would do the same to a third-party computer or any other specific feature of Animal Jam. 

  • Rules: Don't Cheat! Never engage in any behaviors that attempt to defraud the site and/or trick other players... Don't utilize any programs to change or alter how the game would normally function to gain an advantage.

Utilizing ANY third-party program to log into and control multiple accounts at the same time, on the same device, is in violation of the above terms and rules. Such gameplay is not within our game design and grants users an undue advantage over their fellow players. In the case of multiplayer environments such as Animal Jam, these types of third-party programs can have wider reaching consequences; faulty execution of our game code results in gameplay & server errors for other online players. 


What happens if I’m found using Bluestacks irresponsibly? 

To ensure the safety of our player community we will take action on a case-by-case basis. Our security team gathers cyber forensics to determine the appropriate disciplinary action for the account(s) in question. Any evidence found during the investigation is retained should it be required in court or to comply with a subpoena. We take the safety of our community seriously and understand players may have questions or concerns regarding moderation actions taken. The account owner can submit a ticket here to receive further information in the case of disciplinary action on their account.

In order to comply with COPPA regulations, only the player who has received the disciplinary action (or their parent/guardian) is privy to the reason(s) behind a ban or suspension. The specific evidence that resulted in the decision however, cannot be shared in full with even the involved party as it puts our security system at risk of exploitation.

Please note that any bans issued are permanent and will not be lifted. As stated in our Terms of Service, if your behavior results in an account ban you also risk being banned from playing Animal Jam on past and future accounts as well.


Why Can't You Tell Me If A Player Has Been Banned?

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What do I do if I’ve been suspended

Reporting Players in Animal Jam 

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